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Local Websites and Resources

English Language Learning Resources

  • Cool Sites for ESL Students – A large collection of sites for students learning English. Features grammar, listening, speaking and reading practice, as well as vocabulary, test preparation and writing tips.
  • Dave’s ESL Cafe – A wonderful online collection of resources for both students and teachers, from an “idea cookbook” of lesson plans to grammar tips, idioms, and phrasal verb practice.
  • Speech Accent Archive – An amazing collection of recordings by native and non-native English speakers with varying accents.
Literature and Poetry
  • Poetry 180 – A collection of 180 poems, created by one of Chelsea’s favorite poets. They are all short, and some are quite simple!
  • 100,000 Limericks – A page that helps you create your own “limerick,” a type of rhyming poem.
  • EServer Short Fiction Collection – An online collection of short fiction in English, many by important American and international authors.

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