Student Projects from Petrolina´s First English Immersion Camp

We waited to show our student´s creative and brilliant projects from the English Immersion Camp held back in October until the closing night of the Petrolina International English Fair.  Now that these films have been shown in Petrolina, they are ready for their international debut via

The first are a compilation of songs:

And the second is a selection of skits about why English is important:

If we didn’t include your piece, it’s only because the sound was bad– all of your projects were amazing and we would have loved to share all of them.  Next time we will be sure to secure a less-windy location.

C² hopes you enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed making!

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3 thoughts on “Student Projects from Petrolina´s First English Immersion Camp

  1. snicholus says:

    Wonderful projects! I loved them! Great job! (“Do you have chicken?…Vixi! Você me acha chique! kkkkk”) Very creative and funny!

  2. hah, I love these!!! I smiled the whole way through! Smart students, eh?!

  3. and buenas profesoras, claro!

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