Sneak peak into an English Fair project!

I’m excited to post a little preview of one of the Petrolina International English Fair student projects, produced by the second semester English students at UPE! Here’s what they have to tell you, written by themselves, about their stand:


Hello, welcome to the English Fair!!

We English students of the second semester from UPE invite everybody to an amazing multicultural trip!

Our central objective is to present the irrigated fruticulture from Petrolina-PE to the world from the angle of the cultivation of the grape. We will be offering to the public a tasting of grapes, a chocolate waterfall with fruits, among another activities and games.

Searching to understand grape cultivation, the group counted on the support of Miguel Cappellaro, administrator, who showed us the way patiently during the visit, teaching us all the process of cultivation of the grapes, from plantation until harvest. We were fascinated with the plantation–it’s a lovely experience, one we recommend.

Miguel further told us about the importance of knowing English in the work market, which always needs a professional with this knowledge. In addition, learning another language can also help with personal growth.

Cappellaro Fruits, a company that has worked in the region for twenty two years, is formatted on a family base, contributing to development of the city generateing hundreds of job, making donations to the municipal nursery and also participating in the return of packaging recyclable and toxics.

Come visit the English Fair and let yourself take in this multicultural trip!

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3 thoughts on “Sneak peak into an English Fair project!

  1. Edna Maria Alencar de Sá says:

    Hello, everybody!
    Congratulations to Chelsea Waite, Cara Snyder and Laraine Altun for brilliant ideas about the Petrolina International English Fair. I’m sure that it will be a sucess. I’d like to wish a good work to all participants.
    Best wishes,

    Edna Maria
    Coordenadora do Projeto ETA/Fulbright/CAPES
    UPE Campus Petrolina

  2. Edna Maria Alencar de Sá says:

    Hello, Chelsea and Students!
    In relation to Sneak peak into an English Fair Project, I am excited about the projects produced by students at UPE Campus Petrolina. I believe in their competences.
    Edna Maria

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