An English Immersion Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a group of daring young students set out to master a foreign tongue on a magical island.

They departed from the kingdom of Petrolina, traveling merrily over land until arriving at the massive hydroelectric dam of Sobradinho, where the noble Noah boat awaited them.

Disembarking from their trusty transport, the travelers received their first surprise: a magic amulet, called a “rubber band,” which forbade the wearer from speaking his or her native tongue. Immersion in the foreign tongue, the most used language in all the world—English—had begun!

Armed with their challenge, the valiant voyagers boarded the Noah, where there was much merrymaking and singing.

By the time the sun was two hours lower in the sky, the boat full of adventurers scraped the sands of Treasure Island (Ilha do Tesouro in the local language). And there were treasures aplenty, just waiting to be discovered.

After settling in their cabins, appetites were worked up over tournaments of tetherball, volleyball and soccer until the first of many great feasts.

Bellies filled with American fare, the campers tackled group tasks for a great festival in their kingdom, whose goal is to share English with all the dwellers of the land (the Petrolina International English Fair).

Later, leaders helped the students climb new heights; daring was unburied from deep within.

As the weary travelers trooped back to their cabins, the first glimmers of all the riches to be had were fresh in their minds.

With the rising of the sun, the campers set off on a quest to explore the island.

Not only did they discover a beach full of gleaming crystals…

…but they also uncovered their own bravery and strength, hiking up mountains…

…jumping off cliffs and climbing up steep rocks.

Over the next few days, uncountable treasures were discovered. Participants explored the island as they explored their own daring, testing their abilities at kayaking, archery, zip lines, swimming, horseback riding and more—all while communicating in the strange sounds of English.


The linguistic conquerors showed their mastery of the foreign tongue by creating songs, dramatic works and dances (to be shown to all the townspeople during the great PIEF festival).

They even fell in love with the adventure of tasting strange new foods such as marshmellows and peanut butter!

Around a blazing fire on the beach during the last night, the adventurers bid their adieus over sweet melodious campfire songs and sweeter s’mores.

Merrymaking continued until the parting of ways, a day’s journey later. Just as diamonds are indestructible, the richness of getting to know new worlds and all that they entail (friendship, understanding, and a new language) will be forever with all those adventurous enough to take part in the First English Immersion Camp in the North-East Interior at Treasure Island!

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5 thoughts on “An English Immersion Fairy Tale

  1. I am glad things have been changing for better in our region. Congratulations to all those who took part in this unique event. Congratulations to the organizers!

  2. Victor says:

    I almost cried with envy. No, really, I almost cried. When I saw the Archery picture, it was like a arrow reaching my heart. Who own the archery material?

    Im looking forward for the II Imersion Camp

  3. Eveline says:

    Ownnn… I think I’m gonna cry (is serious) *—–*
    I don’t have words to describe how amazing was this experience. I’m so greatful to have met you and have shared so much fun. I had good moments in the Island. I met lovely people and also I improved my English there… so It couldn’t be better. I never though that someday I would be part of something so incredible like was this experience. This Immersion Camp was totally a FAIRY TALE… and the Treasure Island it’s a place where magic things happens!

    I could spend all day talking how was this adventure, but just have one way to know more about it: take part in the second Immersion Camp.

    Congratulations Cara and Chelsea for being so creative, responsable, organized and patient. And thank you girls… for everything! You are awesome! 🙂

    I can’t wait to the II Immersion Camp!!!

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