Hip-e Hop-e

Before coming to Brazil and learning Portuguese, I realized that my favorite word in “Brasileiro” is Hip Hop.  It’s pronounced Hip-e Hop-e… which makes me very hoppy 🙂

This year I have started a Hip-Hop Dance Club at the Zona Rural.  I made a video with the first two short choreographies. It is the first of hopefully many, so I would love your feedback.

We laugh, we dance and we learn, and like all good things we end with a little samba.

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6 thoughts on “Hip-e Hop-e

  1. I think I will start practicing these choreographies! Great Cara!

  2. yeeeah that’s that Hot-lanta FIYAH. don’t forget to show them how to back that *** up

  3. yeeeah that’s that Hot-lanta FIYAH! don’t forget to show them how to back that *** up

  4. Cara, this looks like SO MUCH FUN! I will have to practice these moves in my bedroom (alone) and think of your inspirational laugh!!

    • Cara Snyder says:

      Yes! Everyone should learn the moves and then record them so it can be like we’re dancing together all over the world– from Hot-Lanta to Brasilia to Petrolinaaaa (all hot btw)!!!
      Thanks for the comments ladies 🙂 I’ll keep the choreography commin

  5. Ashana says:

    Cara I can’t get enough of this video!… suggestions for the next video, electric slide, booty call and cha cha slide! miss you 😀

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